IKEA is developing a sustainability platform to engage co-workers and customers to share and find useful tips and ideas on how to live a more sustainable life at home.

This project challenged all BA students from Design & Business and Product Development & Integrative Technology to develop and test the platform and come up with ideas of repair, refurbish, redesign, hacking, sharing, new materials, new business models etc.

This project took place in September-November 2015

Below you can find presentations of the groups projects. Some of the presentations are in Danish.

IKEA Reborn

IKEA REBORN is a service offered by IKEA which serves as a connection point between customers and creative individuals. The service places the company inside the sharing economy, as it acts as a facilitator for people offering services for other people.

The customer, who has an old or damaged piece of furniture he no longer wants, can access the IKEA REBORN page and browse through profiles of ‘redesigners’, creative individuals with different skills who want to give new life to the item, by redesigning it or refurbishing it.

The customer chooses the creative he prefers and requests the project.

Once the redesigner accepts, the payment is done through the platform and kept by IKEA until the customer picks up the redesigned item. Then, the payment reaches the redesigner, IKEA keeping a 15% service fee that covers maintaining the platform and brings revenue as well.

Any creative can apply to be a redesigner, but has to go through a vetting process by IKEA, in order to ensure that quality levels are maintained. Once accepted, he builds his profile/ portfolio and can accept whichever projects he want.

Group members Miruna Sorescu, Laura Theilmann Nielsen, Louise Bill Bartels, Lilja Þorvaldsdóttir


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